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As far back as I can remember , I was always playing with different materials and objects which my environment provided.  Either an odd piece of firewood, or a rusty metal part from the machinery in my father’s workshop, I loved to touch them, feel their texture, weight, smell. From an early time I saw various images emerging from these ordinary shapes and forms.  I was deep in my fantasy world like, probably, any other kid in any part of the world.
And then I discovered COLOUR! It was something magic for me: the whole universe of colour within the universe of visual arts. I almost forgot my “materialistic” passion while painting everything in sight.  During many years I was deeply into mixing, intermingling, merging, pasting,… playing with colours. They were talking to me, revealing to me their secrets, singing to me their beautiful songs..
The Colours were shaping my life. I chose the University of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts in my native city Ekaterinburg, Russia. Colour grabbed me tight throughout the years of my study and later, through the years of my teaching at the same university in the painting department.
And until now, living in New Zealand, being a full time artist and a tutor, I am still under the spell of Colour.
I always like to share the knowledge I obtain, the passion I have.  
Through all my adult life I have been teaching painting . In Russia at the university… here in NZ… running classes of acrylic, oils and watercolour painting for adults, for those who want to learn this very special language of colour, the language of magic illusion of the visual arts.
Beauty is everywhere, but sometimes we are too busy to notice it. Or at other times we are locked within the limits of a conventional point of view.  Let’s break the borders, the routine and ordinary. Let’s have a fresh look around, and we will be amazed by how different and beautiful our world is! 
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